How important is a child’s diet in the prevention of cavities?

itsec 06-25-2015

While good oral hygiene is of utmost importance in the prevention of cavities, lack of a proper diet can have a tremendous impact on a child’s cavity rate. Limit not only the quantity of consumed sugary foods and beverages, but also the frequency throughout the day. Cavity formation is a process.When sugar comes in contact with teeth, the cavity process can begin. The more times in a day that we consume sugar, the more at risk we are for developing cavities. By nature, many children like to snack throughout the day and many of these foods, including juices, are loaded with sugar. Even some” healthy” foods can be very high in sugar content, including, granola bars, cereal, and chocolate milk. Check the nutritional label if you are uncertain as to how much sugar a food item contains. Have your child drink plenty of water following snaking.