What is conscious sedation?

itsec 06-25-2015

Conscious sedation is a way of using medication to relax a child without the loss of consciousness.

Who should be sedated?

Dr. Schwartz may recommend conscious sedation for children with severe anxiety and/or the inability to cooperate during treatment. He will discuss the pros and cons of sedation on a case-by-case basis.

Why use conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation aids in calming a child so that he or she can accept dental treatment in a more relaxed state. This can prevent injury to the patient and provide a better environment for delivering quality dental care.

Is sedation safe?

Advanced education in pediatric dentistry offers advanced training to administer, monitor, and manage sedated patients. Dr. Aaron is both certified in CPR/Pediatric Advanced Life Support and exceed the standard of care in his monitoring and emergency equipment.