What Do I Do If My Child Has a Dental Emergency?

If your child has a dental emergency during office ours, please call our office as soon as possible.We will see you child immediately. If it is an after-hours emergency, a pager number will be given on the answering machine. If you are unable to reach a member of our team, proceed to the emergency room to ensure treatment in a timely manner.If your child lost consciousness related to the injury call 911.


Treating a permanent tooth that has been “knocked out” within the first few minutes is critical for the survival of that tooth. If a permanent tooth is knocked out, gently rinse, but do not scrub the tooth under water. Replace the tooth in the socket if possible. If this is impossible, place the tooth in a glass of milk or a clean wet cloth and come to the office immediately. If the tooth is fractured, please bring in any pieces you can find.If a baby tooth is knocked out, we do not recommend putting the tooth back in the mouth.


Our normal schedule may be delayed in order to accommodate an injured child. Please accept our apologies in advance should an emergency occur during your child’s appointment.